Men's Insight to Wearing Sandals

The dilemma of styling a pair of sandals has given a tough time to men over the past years. Sandals make the go-to choice for men owing to the comfort in their construction and assuage in airflow that they offer for your feet all day Long. Slip on's or buckle up's, the comfort of a Sandal is unparalleled, yet we hesitate with our choices why? So here we are with a modern style guide to wear Sandals that isn't just confined to wearing them to the beach. There's a whole new approach to dressing up or down with a pair of Alberto Torresi Sandals if you're willing to take some tips, keep reading.


Complement the type of your shorts with the required choice of open footwear. If you're wearing a shirt with denim shorts, on the less casual side, leather slip-on sandals can be a comforting yet fashionable accessory. If a pair of casual shorts is your seamless usual attire keeping it casual most of the days, you might want to invest in a slipper or in a sandal that lasts. With Alberto Torresi's name shining on your footy's straps, just give your feet some quality time.


Not anymore are sandals confined to just a beach choice, instead, men can now take it for a whirl owing to their confidence in the footwear alone. Pairing leather sandals with jeans in a colored hue wash or maybe with earth chinos and a basic t-shit will make a dapper dressed down attire with casual footwear taking the charm in just right place. From malls to the countryside there is no place you can have them wrong.


Casual and comfortable is the priority when days are rough and require walking. Yet comfortable doesn't mean sloppy or not stylish. Keep your pointers on with lightweight leather or suede slip-on for a one-stop solution to your flip-flop needs. Another pristine option for everyday college and office wear are the leather cut out sandals which almost look Like a shoe but let your feet breathe, what an absolute steal.

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