Stocking your wardrobe with winter gear is one joy of bidding farewell to the summer months. We know warm and layered looks are already locked up in your closet so here's a heads-up on which ones to prioritize to get the dapper warm winter look. The first winter option for shoes is a no-brainer: BOOTS. Your shoe game is fit to match the chilly season with this sophisticated choice. They will keep you warm, surely but also boots have the power to make any casual outfit stand out.  Owing to its sturdy construction and fuller look it can add depth to any dimension. Slide on any t-shirt with a pair of boots is definitely edgier than brogues, sneakers or even loafers. The combination works great for even outdoor event adding depth to your outfit due to its tall thrown heights. 

CARE TIP: If winter takes a toll or you somehow manages to make your boots wet, fill in your boots with newspaper and let it soak up for a good 2 days in a warm and dry place.


Now, what else except boots?

Winter makes a month of layers and layers of clothing that helps widen the shoe choices possible with any outfit, you can pair your dress shoes with a sweater or a slim fit blazer and easily sport your brogues with a casual t-shirt that way. Brogues make a style statement with their finely adorned thread embellishments and hence make any outfit standout.

CARE TIP: If you manage to accumulate dirt and stash on your nice and shiny shoes, let it first dry off, instead of having a tough time rubbing and also spreading the filth. Once dry, wipe away with a wet cloth or brush.


Like a knight in shining armor, the final shoe category for a disparate winter collection is the classic mixed style unusual collection like exclusive suede, shiny leather or that fancy shoe you once bought to pair with your suit and have never yet worn them again with any other outfit. Leverage the power of shoe's colour and match them with any pigment of your outfit and you're good to go.


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