Summer Footwear Upgrades That Every Man Needs in 2018

It's just about that time of the year when each of us dread putting on even our best shoes in the mornings, with the sun shining brightly right above us, it’s time to explore a timeless footwear routine’s upgrade to get yourself through this summer comfortably. Shoe shopping for men is a guilty pleasure, and if you're one of us too, lucky, you don't have to wait another moment before shopping any of the below looks. Keep reading to explore a list of disparate buys from Alberto Torresi that you must be on the lookout for if you’re going to buy any shoes this season. 



So glad that the simple slip-on shoe is one of the biggest trends for 2018. Get away easy and breezy with these hassle-free shoes. Shoes with leather skins whether or not synthetic, never go out of style, Alberto Torresi offers its luxurious takes on loafers in suede and leather. In the level of formality, loafers can be worn with every casual outfit and go all the way up to potential Friday office pairs and semi-formal events on the formal side, both along with supreme comfort. Since loafers do not equip any lacing or a sort of closure, you can easily slip them on & off, they go with a lot of outfits and are a timeless classic to beat the heat this summer.

Leather Slippers 

Slippers happen to be the most underrated accessory in most men's shoe arsenal. People tend to adapt to mediocrity and forget to  explore how they can charm their very regular look. Easy for your mind to ponder and settle with the common slippers, worn in the privacy of your home and only when needed. But this accessory is meant to be a personal sense of style, the choices you make will speak for itslef. Explore a range of fashionable and comfortable slippers from Alberto Torresi oozing out of panache and timeless style. Replace your regular slippers with a pair of leather slippersto give you the needed everyday confidence to steer through the daily challenges in life and enhance your personality. 

 Neutral Derbies

Derbies offer a comparatively loose and open choice in terms of shoe construction allowing more space for easy passage of air through the feet. Derbies happen to include a separate piece of material for the lacelets that make them different from other shoe styles. In the hierarchy of formal shoes, Derbies secure a rank 2 or 3 after Oxfords and Monkstraps, making it a much versatile shoe that can be worn fearlessly for both formal and casual affairs. The key to a bold classic look is accommodating neutral shades of derby shoes that could be paired with most outfits. These lace-up shoes make a timeless option for absolutely anything and everything. So if you're looking to give your shoe closet an upgrade, make sure you own one of these ninja kicks in rather neutral colours.



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