The upcoming trends of AW '20

Finally, the best time of the year is almost here. Fall and winters 2020 have almost arrived. Along come a lot of festivals and various new style trends to look forward to. It's been a strange year, and we hope that from now, it only gets better. Whatever the situation may be, the fact of the matter is that buying appealing clothes and footwears that you will want to wear forever will always make you feel better about the world.

Every season, there are new fashion fads that come and go, and some choose to stay. This year, no matter the temperature, the styles are hotter than ever. From oversized puffer jackets to bright shades, from patchwork prints to oversized suits, from denim coming back in its rawest form to the most stylish leather footwear,this could be the perfect time to update your wardrobe.

If you need inspiration or you just love to shop, here are fashion trends from Men’s Fashion Week AW/20 that every man should know.

One of the most eye-catching style trends of this year is the two- tone or the dual colour sneakers. Why have one colour sneakers when you can have two in one? The last few seasons have proven to have a strong affiliation with sneakers, and that is not something which is changing any time soon. This year, add bright colors to your feet. We have a wide range of dual coloured sneakers for men. It is an excellent opportunity to inject a bit of fun to your outfit without looking like you are trying too hard. It is best to do some research before buying – make sure you find a pair of shoes that are comfortable as well as sleek!

Another very appealing footwear trend that was prominent in the fashion week is the two strap sandals. Make the world your runway with these two-strap sandals. Unlike traditional footwear, these shoes offer double support and look extra cool as you walk down the street. It was seen that fashion forward men wore these sandals with socks to make them stylish and weather- friendly at the same time. Leather sandals are anyway known to be one of the most comfortable pairs of footwear that a man can possess.So, once you put them on, you are going to rule the world, one step at a time.

One more addition to the footwear trends of Autumn/ Winter 2020 is the Commando- soled Chelsea boots. A pair of Chelsea boots have always been one of the most elegant, sleek and low-profile boot options around. Thick, rugged soles have been cropping up all over men’s footwear but nowhere do they make more sense than here. Finally, this classic silhouette is fully equipped to deal with the cold. Not to mention the added chunkiness opens up your wardrobe options – allowing you to play with looser fits and heavy layering making you look stylish at all times.

Lastly, many models and designers highlighted the hiking boots for men. Though you may not plan to tackle the great outdoors this season, at times it certainly does not hurt to look as though you might. And the good news is, despite their name, you do not actually have to go hiking in these boots. In the right colour and with the right attitude, they can work just as well on a trek to the office or a march to the pub.

So, be ready to be on the top of your fashion game and rock your fall and winter outfits just like you want to.

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