Summer Staples: 6 Ways to Make a Style Statement with Suede Shoes

Summers are here and it’s time to beat the heat with new style statements and fresh looks. With suede shoes being the latest trend of the season, you shouldn’t be missing out on taking a shot at this classy, elegant and timeless piece of footwear.

Truly a staple for your summer wardrobe, you should definitely get a pair of suedes if you do not already own them. Break all rules and charter new style territories; read 6 fresh outfit-shoes combination ideas on how to do so:

Suede Shoes for the Absolute Formal

This is your chance to add glamour to your business suit, suit without a necktie, and even a three piece suit. Go for brown, blue, olive, gray, or tan shade in solid, check, stripe, or plaid pattern. Complete the outfit with a pair of Oxford Lace-Up, Chukka Boots, Brogue, Loafers, or Plain Cap-Toes.

Get The Look:

  • Pair your navy blue business suit with tan color suedes. A navy blue tie or dark maroon bowtie on a white/light blue shirt will add finish to the look.
  • Team your light gray trousers with a dark blue blazer and white shirt. A brown tie and matching brown loafers in a formal cut are sure to give you a chic expression.

Suede Shoes for Business Casuals

Going for a semi-formal occasion? Ditch the full one color outfit. 2-3 different but balanced colors in your outfit look absolutely stylish and trendy. Avoid black. Choose one of blue, brown, tan, grey or olive for your sport coat and trouser each. Pair with boat shoes, monk-straps, lace-ups or ankle boots.

Get The Look:

  • Navy green trousers, striped white-blue shirt, and olive shoes will be ideal for a morning/afternoon semi-formal session. Ensure that your belt, shoes, and wrist-watch share the same/similar color code.
  • Club straight cut blue pants with a white shirt and dark brown oxford suedes. Add a dark green shade casual sport coat. Include a blue check patterned tie, if needed.

Suede Shoes for Everyday Casuals

Add spark to your casual outfits with your suede footwear. Opt for solid or check-pattern shirt or t-shirt, or select a graphic or printed tee to go with jeans, chinos, shorts or pants. And then you have the loafers, trainers, or boat shoes for the sparkle to your outfit.

Get The Look:

  • Very dark blue denims, a simple blue check shirt and gray suedes make a combination that can never go wrong.
  • White chinos, white t-shirt, and a denim jacket coupled with blue suede boots will give you a contemporary refreshing look.

Suede footwear feels cooler in hot weather and is hence more comfortable than other shoes in this season. It also looks classy and carries a timeless appeal. So, get one, club with one of the above 6 ideas, and make a style statement this summer!

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