Summer Footwear - Light and breezy

Summers are hot. This is a statement that can be construed in many ways. Lying so close to the equator, summers bring to India heat-waves and loo-winds. The populous seeks any possible means of keeping cool, resorting to multiple baths per day and excessively long mall expeditions. This brings us to the second meaning. Summer becomes fashionable. The clothes are brighter, after all, black seems to attract the heat. And they get shorter too: girls in their summer dresses and bikinis and boys in their Bermuda shorts and tees. And for every outfit it is necessary to have the appropriate footwear.

Here on the Alberto Torresi website you will find a surprising choice of summer shoes. There are a whole range of slippers with a range of fun colours, like red, blue and orange, with correspondingly fashionable Italian names like Dino, Bernardo and Batista. The signature collection offers an extension of this range, with interesting and slightly less expensive patterns, for example the yellow and scarlet lining of Cristofano and Luca’s simple brown design. Another set of summer favorites are the loafers. They are cheerful and of a variety of shapes and hues, like blue with an orange sole. They can be used during the day as well as semi-formals in the evenings. The Torresi sandals are also easy everyday wear, with their Polyurethane soles.

A far as care goes, summer footwear rarely tends to get wet but be weary of dust and if you frequent the beach then sand. At the end of the day or every so often feel free to shake out any dirt collected inside. You can then take a damp cloth to wipe clean any surface that if is not made of fabric or leather as they require a different sort of attention. Summer is a time of the sun and unfortunately along with that the heat. It is important to let your shoes breathe every night to dry out the insides and soles of your shoes that may get damp from sweat. Storage of your shoes as always should be in a dry and breathable environment.

Fight fire with fire this summer, as you burn the floor with Alberto Torresi’s summer footwear collection.

Step in time, with the newest styles, in the most fashionable season in the year. Alberto Torresi will keep your wardrobe up to date.

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