Become an Expert on wearing the Right Footwear for the Right occasion by reading this...

If you’re wearing your new neon Alberto Torresi loafers to the office then we congratulate you! Your bright blue suede shoes are sexy and you feel like a million bucks in them...but wait! Did you say you wore them to the office???

 A well-dressed man conveys an unconscious but powerful message about sophistication and knowledge. Whether you work in a corporate environment or at a creative start-up you will have to meet clients. Making a good impression on them is imperative and wearing the right shoes is an important part of your outfit. Here are a few clues which will make you an expert on wearing the right shoes for the right occasion.

Shoe Colour

Always invest in a pair of black shoes for the office and a pair of tan loafers for leisure activities. The most popular neutral colours are of course black, dark brown and tan. But you can opt for good formal shoes in a dark charcoal grey, a navy blue or an olive green hue. These high end dress shoes can be reserved for formal working meetings, black-tie dinners, and evenings at the local Gymkhana Club with your clients. For casual Fridays or a date you can experiment with a bright blue or even a combination of navy and tan with a pair of high quality loafers.

Shoe Style

A pair of mens formal shoes is a must in every man’s wardrobe. But know your shoes and opt for a pair of mens shoes such as oxfords, brogues with laces. Dont get confused by the design inspiration such as mens italian shoes or the cost of a pair of expensive mens shoes. Remeber mens leather loafers are considered by many to be casual or semi-formal. While mens desert boots are only for outdoor and leisure activities and sandals are to be worn with ethnic dress. If you don’t know, don’t be afraid to write to our customer care at our website where we will explain everything you need to know.

Socks or No Socks

This is the part of formal dressing that confuse most men...women too! Remember a good quality pair of cotton socks will provide the best fit for your good formal shoes. If you are confused as to the colour of your socks then just follow the traditional rule of men’s dressing – match your socks to your shoes. So this means formal black socks for formal black shoes, burgundy socks to your burgundy dress shoes, grey for grey and so on. We also suggest that you opt for socks in cotton and not synthetic material as they are better for the health and circulation of your feet.

Shoes for Every Occasion

While experimenting with fashion can be fun, it is imperative to wear match your shoes to the occasion. This is why even if your blue suede shoes may impress Elvis Presley (remember the song?!), if you wear it to work the boss won’t be impressed. Wear formal, closed shoes in a dull yet high-quality leather to office. Patent, glossy finish must be reserved for night outs or cocktail parties. Sandals are a must in India. In most places of worship it is necessary to remove your footwear before entering. Sports shoes and sneakers must be worn only during sport or travel please!


The Capsule Wardrobe for Shoes

The gents shoes every gentleman must have:

  1. A pair of black oxfords or brogue-style shoes for the office.
  2. A pair of high quality loafers for casual wear.
  3. A pair of dark brown formal shoes for men
  4. A pair of mens black boots
  5. A pair of mens leather sandals
  6. A pair of mens beach sandals


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